Data Science, ML & Blockchain Services

Evolve Systems designs and implements advanced data science, ML and Blockchain solutions

Data Science On-Demand

Top tier data science teams, available on-demand

Vertical ML Solutions

Custom algorithms, agents and models built to your needs (one size does’t fit all)

Blockchain Programming

Experienced Blockchain developers

Consulting & Implementation

Achieve reliable end to end delivery, efficient & profitable results


These solutions help guide Enterprises in their journey of institutionalizing ML, AI based decision making

Cloud and ML Migration

  • End to End setup & migration of existing data and analytics to Cloud
  • Near Real time Business KPI monitoring and alerting

Custom ML/AI Solutions

  • Personalization engine
  • Customer Behavior predictive modeling (ML)
  • Adaptive pricing
  • Elasticity modelling
  • Experimentation engine (test and learn)

Digital Transformation

  • Enterprise Virtual Assistants
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Digital Prospecting
  • Ad-tech algorithms
  • Opinion mining

Blockchain Applications

  • Smart contract authoring
  • Rewards program on blockchain
  • DAPPS and game development

Evolve Research and Analysis Desk

Ask your questions related to blockchain and we are happy to do this based on available bandwidth

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